Friday Free-Day…Winter Weather and Farewell Iris Louise

My Friday Free-Day post is an apology. I was unable to get a Tuesday Tarot Post completed this past week and for that I am truly sorry I will get us back on track this coming week. So, here is what has been happening this week. Winter weather was in the forecast and I trimmed trees, shrubs and hedges and prepared for the deep freeze. The contractor finally made it out to insulate the pump house so our water pipes won’t freeze this winter and since the electrician is unavailable we installed a heat lamp for any Artic Blasts that cycle in.

All of this really didn’t interfere with me blogging. I was able to work on my pre-freeze projects and my Blog draft and could have posted it on Tuesday, as usual, but my Mother called to tell me that my last remaining Grandparent passed away. My grandma*, Iris Louise, is no longer with us. Her death wasn’t a shock, she was 90 years old and in poor health but along with the news of her passing came friends and family calling which did throw a wrench into getting posts published on time. Iris Louise is…was…superbly ornery to say the least. She told my mother that she didn’t want a service because everyone she loves is already dead and the rest of us can do what we want, when we want since she won’t be around to be subjected to it; we wouldn’t have arranged things to her satisfaction anyway. We decided that with upcoming holidays and winter weather being on the near future horizon we would all wait until spring to get together and celebrate her life (perhaps in May which is her birth month). It will also give my Mother ample time to recover from hurt feelings from Grandma’s last remarks.

Sus made it home from Canada and we went to Red Lobster (Grandma’s favorite restaurant) to honor her memory. We did get winter weather complete with snow and some very cold temperatures, met up with some friends and ate at a Vietnamese Pho place…nothing beats a large, steaming Pho bowl of beefy, noodlely goodness on a cold wintery day, especially if it is paired with the company of good friends. This brings me to today, the sun is shining, the snow has melted and we have a nice little warm up in temperature. Sus is getting ready to head back to Canada which is literally the Great White North at the moment  and I am taking some time to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten you and that we will continue our Tarot Series as scheduled since things are calming down.


*Note* It has only been the last few years that Iris Louise allowed us to use the term of endearment ‘Grandmother or Grandma’ in her presence. She was a character and life will somehow simultaneously be easier yet dull with her not in it.

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