Tuesday Tarot: The Three’s

The Three’s have us dealing with Belief. What do we believe in? Who do we believe? Do we believe in our self? All of these questions and more help us to find our place in the world and define our worldview. Is it one of exuberance or lack; loneliness or companionship; heartbreak or love; Adventure or Stagnation…

The Three of Cups: Fun and Connection

The Three of Cups has us taking a look at our beliefs surrounding Exuberance, Friendship and Community. It is a reminder that we shouldn’t take life that seriously all the time. We should connect with friends, family and our community to celebrate life, not toil and drudge through it; make a little time for fun.

What you should know about this card: If Business and Career is where you spend the most time toiling away, try networking the old-school way by actually connecting with the human side of your career. Hold conferences face to face, plan a luncheon meeting or office party.

If Family is your thing then reconnect over dinner, plan a reunion or cookout. Make sure to share fond memories while you are sharing food. If family and friends are too far away to gather immediately make phone calls and make plans for a future get together.

If Health is always put on that back burner because you are too busy…then do something as simple as LAUGHING! It will boost your mood, spirits and give your ribcage a good workout. Watch only comedies, visit that funny friend that always has you laughing until you cry. Go watch a standup comedian perform or take a laughing yoga class.

What to ask yourself: How can I bring more fun and laughter into my life? What beliefs do I hold concerning Joy and Happiness? Do I believe that I deserve a joyful and happy Life (why or why not?)? What changes can I make right now to instill the belief that I deserve Joy and Happiness? Who in my life needs to be honored and celebrated today? What can I do to celebrate and honor that person? Do I feel connected to the Greater Whole of Humanity?

Advice: See the Spiritual side of Fun!

The Three of Swords: Pain and Loss

The Three of Swords has us dealing with the uncomfortable emotion of Grief. We sometimes fail to recognize that Grief is necessary. It is the Universe trying to get us to stop and take a moment to “honor the fallen” whether the “fallen” be a member of our inner circle or aspects of our own life. We are, essentially, being asked to honor what was, at this precise moment, so we can move on to what we are to become (a balancing of our past, present, future energies). Our belief system concerning Heartbreak, Betrayal and Loneliness can be very complex and we are often loathe to investigate it but we should. As horrible as the pain of loss is, not knowing what to do with that pain is worse.

What to ask yourself: What is my Belief system concerning Death, Loss and Grief? Do I allow myself the time to “honor the fallen”? Can I accept that Life must go on (Why or Why not?)? What steps am I NOT allowing myself to experience so that I can move through the process of grief? What is keeping me stuck in the cycle of grief? Where am I currently experiencing loss in my life at this moment? How do I cope with disappointment? When I am experiencing grief how do I relate to those around me?

Advice: Allow yourself to grieve a loss, it is not a vibrational cycle that you want to get stuck in.

The Three of Wands: Exploration and Leadership

The Three of Wands is about acting on your Beliefs. If the Three of Wands appears in your reading it is a Universal reminder to ‘Walk your Talk,’ ‘Put your money where your mouth is.’ Basically, act on your beliefs, back them up with action because let’s face it there comes a point in time when talk becomes cheap and actions speak louder than words.

What to ask yourself: It is time to put plans into action; What is the best direction to move in? What is calling to me right now? Is it feasible to move towards that call or it that call a distraction from what needs to be done? How will I allow the rewards of planning and hard work to return to me?

Advice: Have courage and take the next actionable step to achieve success. Do not fear failure; it is a lesson in improvement not the end game.

The Three of Pentacles: Teamwork and Competence

The Three of Pentacles have us looking at our beliefs concerning Teamwork, Planning and Competence through a common sense, practical lens. Here is the thing about “keeping your eye on the prize (goal),” it is great but it leaves you vulnerable. Everyone needs a team, but more often than not we fail to utilize that asset and just come shy of reaching success. Take inventory of friends and family; who can help you succeed and who holds you back? If you find that you lack an inner circle that can be an asset perhaps it is time to do some networking with like-minded people.

What to ask yourself: What is my plan of action for achieving my goals? Who in my inner circle has been supportive of my endeavors? Who in my inner circle has been a distraction and wasted my time and resources? What is keeping me from setting boundaries with my inner-circle time-wasters. What resources am I missing? How can I acquire them? Are there networking groups where I can meet like-minded individuals that will allow me to team with others to a mutually beneficial outcome? Have I honored my biggest fans and supporters recently?

Advice: Just like your friends and family are your team; your Body, Mind and Soul are a team also; make sure they are all in alignment too. If they are properly working together it is easier for you to achieve not only your physical, emotional, mental and career goals but also your Divine Purpose!

Apologies for the delay in posting, thank you for your patience but also your support.

Photo by Pexel

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