Friday Free-Day: The Gratitude Challenge

So, yesterday, I started the Gratitude Challenge and of course I have to post one thing (unrepeatable) for today but before I do that I wanted to give you some background on this endeavor. This challenge harkens back to my Bipolar recovery days and sadly instead of keeping it going the four years I was in India it fell off the face of the planet and I am a bit miffed with myself for allowing that to happen. 

I would like to issue a word of warning: Participating in this challenge is going to be incredibly difficult, initially, for two reasons:

1). It is almost impossible to think of something new, everyday, to be thankful for (in my initial BP recovery journal I had to list 10 things everyday). This does get easier. Trust Me!

2). You reap what you have sown.

Yes, I am going to clarify that second reason. If you are like me, you may have spent more time expressing what you aren’t grateful for, typical for most of humanity, than what you are grateful for. Here is the problem with that ungratefulness. The Universe, like you, is self aware and you are in a mutually beneficial relationship with each other. Yep, that’s right folks you and the universe energetically feed off each other. I will spare you the scientific fundamentals and give you the CliffsNotes Version.

Every time you express anything the Universe thinks that which you are expressing is the exact same thing you desire. So, you feel joy the universe gives you more to be joyful about, you feel sadness and the Universe gives you more to be sad about. This is called feedback and the Universe adds all this feedback to the collective consciousness. Game Changer Huh?   There is wisdom in the adage of “Control your thoughts so they don’t control you.” 

This consciousness feedback cycle works with everything…including gratitude, which means that you are going to have some hiccups in the beginning. Please persevere through this unpleasant period. Here is why: The universe is mind-boggling vast (and to it you are mind-boggling tiny) so it will take some time to get you both on the same wavelength but when you are something extraordinary will happen. 

For me, that extraordinary thing was synchronicity, everything just magically seemed to line up and happen in an effortlessly beautiful unfolding. In short, I went from aspects of my life being a big bundle of chaotic wrongs to everything being somehow wonderfully right. I would like to clarify that unpleasant events did continue to happen but they just didn’t seem to stick around. I have many theories on this phenomena but it seems my attitude adjustment during this period freed up enough mind clutter to find solutions rather than cycle through problems. 

For those of you brave enough to take the gratitude challenge, I wish you good luck and a magical return on your efforts. As for me…

…Today I am grateful for the extra 30 minutes of sleep that I got this morning. 

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