Saturday: Gratitude Challenge entry # 3

Yesterday, I was grateful for 30 minutes of extra sleep and it turned out that I probably got those extra 30 minutes because some higher being knew that I was going to have a restless night last night. There were all sorts of mystery noises, popping, thudding, neighbors dogs barking and my pets running from window to window. I yelled, flipped and flopped and bemoaned the fact that they were playing some odd game of tag and at 4:30 a.m. I gave up and started my day.

I turned on the lights, started the coffee brewing and went to pull back the curtains (all the while, cats and dog running amok around me) and came face to face with a young deer on the porch. Both startled, it took off and I tripped over one of the cats. That thudding noise I heard turned out to be hooves on hardwood. Mystery Solved! I felt a tad guilty for blaming the pets for the noise. I also felt relieved that the deer are ok, since the start of hunting season has had them hiding somewhere other than here. 

I let Lily out into the back yard and fixed a cup of coffee and sat at the window with the cats and watched the deer graze on fallen acorns. Lily loves the deer, she doesn’t chase them she just sits still and watches them with this goofy grin on her face (she does this with all animals and birds, she must have been a Disney princess in a previous life). They finished grazing the acorns and moved on around 6 a.m. and after getting everyone fed, and myself cleaned up for the day I headed into town for groceries and supplies.

So, for my third gratitude entry: I am truly grateful that the deer are safe and that they came to the 2.5 acre wood this morning (even though they made a lot of noise).

Photo: Lily and her goofy grin. I wasn’t able to get a decent picture of the deer this morning, to dark and I didn’t want to use the flash and startle them. 

I do understand that culling the deer herds are necessary for the health of the herd, as well as the eco-system (not to mention, I was raised on venison and quite fond of it) but I have gotten attached to the herd that comes here. 

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