Sunday: Gratitude Challenge Entry#4…

or…the pleasure of simple things. I have rather simple taste, believe it or not, and so seasonal goodies are things that I wait for with much anticipation and indulge in with great delight once in season. My love for autumnal pumpkin goodies fell flat this year but it looks like the Christmas bounty may make up for that. Yesterday, after a very early start, I made it into town for grocery items and an assortment of necessities. I came home with gingerbread cookies and eggnog (the non-alcoholic variety), neither was on my list but I couldn’t pass them up. They are both items that I haven’t had for four years and to celebrate my find I started today with an eggnog latte and 3 gingerbread cookies.

Today I am truly grateful for the little things in life that make life more enjoyable. What Little things bring you Joy and make you Grateful to be alive?

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