Tuesday Tarot: The Fours

The vibrational energy of the Four has us dealing with Compassion. I have noticed that Compassion has become synonymous with pity and let’s face it, NO ONE wants to be pitied. Compassion is the sympathetic/empathetic consciousness of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it. This extends to our self as well, we often forget to show ourselves the same compassion that we show others.

The Four of Wands: Respect: Celebration and Excitement

I like to think of the Four of Wands as the “Reap What You Have Sown” card. If you worked hard and respectfully utilized the resources available to you then you are probably celebrating some success but if you didn’t then you may be kicking yourself over your poor choices. No matter what your goal is at this time be aware that you are going to work hard for it and that is okay; after all we tend to appreciate those things hard won. it might be an academic/career goal or a familial/love interest, either way, if you want to play hard then you are going to have to work hard. Working hard sometimes means that you spend time and energy compassionately investing in your team (work), family, friends or romantic interest.

Questions to ask yourself: Am I being the best possible ME? Am I giving those in my inner circle, team or romantic realm my best? Why Not? What changes can I make to successfully achieve my goal? Am I utilizing my assets or team to successfully achieve goals? Am I showing myself, team or inner circle compassion and respect?

Advice: If you are beating yourself up over a failure, step back and asses those on your team or inner circle. Show yourself and those in your life some compassion and strengthen your foundation. Respect!


The Four of Cups: Self-Absorption: Apathy and Isolation

This is the “All that glitters is not gold,” card. Sometimes what looks like treasure or a golden opportunity can end up being a distraction that sucks the energy out of you. Life is short and chasing after the unattainable (or the un-necessary for that matter) can end up wasting time, energy and resources and leave you feeling disenchanted and uninspired in life.

Questions to ask yourself: Are the clients or projects I am currently taking on inspiring me? Do the people in my inner circle drain my energy and leave me feeling depressed? Am I physically, mentally or spiritually pushing to hard for something that just shouldn’t be at this moment? What aspects of my life am I being stubborn about? How have I allowed myself to become bored with people or aspects in my life? Is there something that I have been purposely ignoring or avoiding that needs to be dealt with?

Advice: Be Mindful of the distractions in your life but also why they are distracting you. You allowed the distractions into your life but do you understand why!


The Four of Swords: Rest: Contemplation and Quiet Preparation


We have all heard the adage of “no rest for the weary,” but the four of swords wants you to realize that sometimes you get in the way of your success. You push to get something done when the best course of action would be for you to do nothing at all. It is time for you to get out of your own way and allow other people in your life to play a much bigger role. Let someone else be the star of the show for awhile, and take that break you desperately need. 

Questions to ask yourself: What am I afraid of happening if I allow myself time to rest, relax or heal? Where can I schedule more down time? Who in my inner circle or work team can I delegate duties to so I can take a break? Why can I not allow other people to take care of me or take care of my duties? 

Advice: Rest, relax, quietly prepare but take yourself out of the action for awhile and see what happens…


The Four of Pentacles: Possessiveness: Control and Blocked Change

“Do you own stuff or does stuff own you?” Madonna sang, ‘we are living in a material world,’ but what the Material Girl forgot to mention is that we can sometimes take more than we actually need. The problem with this is that it causes waste and dissatisfaction. It is wise to have a financial savings put aside for an emergency but we must be wary of taking it to the level of hoarding. The simple truth is we can’t prepare for everything and trying to can have consequences.

Questions to ask: What am I really hanging onto? How do I reward myself for achieving my goals? What material things have I hidden away and forgotten about? Has my preparing for an emergency led to an abundance of unused clutter and dwindling finances? Can I let the clutter go to someone that could use them now?

Advice: Money is a give and take energy that needs to flow. Re-invest in your business, your friends and family and (most importantly) YOU! 

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