FebCC mini-challenge #1

It is Saturday, which means that our first mini challenge due date is upon us. Mine, is unfinished but I am still going to post what I have so far…I can and will finish it later.

Tumbling Hearts, watercolor and watercolor pencil

I hate not finishing things, it somehow makes me feel like a failure, and it is one of the reasons why I chose to do this creative challenge. I was tired of my creative interests taking a back burner to what I considered “more important” tasks. Me, knowing I wouldn’t have the time to finish a project, just never started one and that made me one miserable person (a creative ‘hangry’ sort of miserable that a Snickers bar just can’t fix).

The FebCC watercolor isn’t alone. I have an unfinished winter-scape on the board from December…I will finish them…one day.

In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have picked a watercolor project for my first round when graphite (illustration) and oil painting are my strong points. Watercolor and the way you paint with it is different from oil. In oil painting, for example, you paint dark to light and with watercolor it is light to dark. It is easier to fix a mistake with oil too. It is a myth that once you make a mistake in watercolor you can’t fix it but sometimes it feels like that mistake is insurmountable.

So, why did I pick watercolor? I picked it because prep and put away are easy and quick. In a household of cats (and a dog that thinks it is a cat) the easier prep and clean up are…the better (at least until we are all used to this new routine). I also like watercolor, It has an emotionally visceral and ethereal lure that attracts this ‘allergic to emotions’ type of gal which is the same reason I like non-objective oil painting. You are essentially ‘painting paint’ but intuitively connecting to an emotional aspect that you hide from yourself and others. In other words, it gets me out of my head, connects me to my feelings (in a less traumatic way) and forces me to think differently than I am conditioned to.

My goals for this challenge are to re-condition my priorities (be more creative and less focused on everyday tasks), I want to grow as an artist and I am hoping that this challenge will help me find my artistic voice. Here is the biggie: I am notoriously reluctant to share my work outside of a classroom environment; I am excruciatingly fearful to share “me” with the world…. I am hoping that doing this challenge will help me achieve those goals.

What are you hoping to achieve from participating in this challenge?

  • Please remember that this creative challenge is very broad so anyone can participate. If you bake, mix drinks like a chemist that bartends their way through college, have a knack for home interiors or garden-scaping, herbal or nature crafts, soap making, music, fine arts, singing, dancing, woodworking, hairstyling, needle arts and crafts, tattoos, etc.,. You can participate.

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