Go! FebCC mini #3…

starts…NOW! Get those creative juices flowing. Make, Bake, Create something. Think outside the box or re-visit something you used to love to do. Use what you have available, no need to buy something new.

Last year, before Sus and I left India to come back home, I had decided I wanted less stuff cluttering up my life and wasting my time. I chose to try my hand at a minimalist lifestyle and to tell you the truth letting go of unnecessary stuff was exhilarating.

Here is where I ran into issues. I love to make things and I go through phases (this is an inherited trait prevalent on both sides of my family). My grandma Martha was the original Martha so move over M. Stewart. I don’t know if this was from necessity or because like most creative people I know; there is a curiosity and a need make things…whichever may be the case grandma inspired many in our family.

She definitely inspired me, which means I had trouble letting go of some arts and crafts related items. I had to think about those things that bring me joy, enough so, that I return to them repeatedly. It came down to Knitting, Painting and Photography. I kept things pertaining to these 3 loves and donated the rest. I am hoping that I don’t stray far from my intentions but it can be hard not to when the strangest things can inspire that urge to create the vision in your head.

What/Who inspires you? What are your go to forms of expression?

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