FebCC Challenges Due…

It is that time again; time to post our February Creative Challenges and thankfully, this week was better than last. It is still cold outside (snow and ice are joining the party) and the entire household has had the sniffles. Lily chow slipped on the ice the other day and pulled a muscle and I am helping her navigate otherwise she just goes in circles. So, I didn’t complete my mini challenge but I will show you what I have so far.

I knitted again this week. It is a warm and cozy thing, keeps my aging arthritic fingers nimble when it is cold/damp and it gives me some bright spring colorways to look at during the gray months. I have been dying to make a shawl. I can do a rectangular stole but I have to admit that just seems so basic compared to some the asymmetrical shawls that are out there. So, I decided that I would try a modified boomerang shawl. I have seen them called a Vortex, Dragon’s Tail, and Tornado. What ever you call it I gave it a try and I like it. I am keeping my stitches simple since I have never done this before.

It will probably be done by the end of the weekend and it will need to be blocked because it is curling but I will post pics once it is done.

March is here and it is time for a new Creative Challenge to begin and I think I am going to do away with the dedicated theme. I found that it stifled more than inspired. Perhaps, avoiding holidays as Challenge themes would help. Not sure. I, personally, found it difficult to stay motivated once the holiday was over.

Here is to a new month and new creative ventures. Come on Peeps, get your make on. March is going to be a freebie month. Pick your poison, make what you want to make.

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