Monday Mosaic: Birds, Bitter Cold and Coffee

We have known for awhile that another Artic Blast was coming and that this one would be the coldest one yet and it didn’t let us down. I actually prefer cold weather but I prefer that it not be so cold that I have to forego sleep just to make sure the house doesn’t burn down due to frisky cats knocking over space-heaters as they run amok playing their cat tag games.

Last night, I stayed awake until 2:00 a.m. (later than expected due to cat games) and I fully expected to sleep in this morning (didn’t happen, up early; Thank You Lily Chow!). My brain is still asleep, I have a headache and I have had too much coffee. The cats are all sleeping and Lily and I look like survivors from a train wreck. She tried to sleep last night but kept getting trampled by the cats. I think they did it on purpose because poor Lily moved to several different spots and they changed course to include her as a huge fluffy obstacle. Who Run this World…CATS!

Poor, Sleepy Lily Chow

I suppose the huge flock of birds that flew in the day before the Artic Blast could be viewed as a Hitchcock style omen…



It is going to be another cold night but I think I am going to bed early. Space-heaters will be turned off before bed so the cats can run all they want and I won’t have to worry. It’s a good thing they’re cute.

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