Signs of Spring

Lily and I took a walk around the 2.5 acre wood this afternoon. It was wonderfully sunny, perfect in temperature and blissfully calm (no gusty winds). I don’t know who enjoyed the walk more? I enjoyed it because I have had invalid status for the past week or so after a slapstick comedy trip over cat, toy and finally Lily. It hurt to stand, hurt to sit; so after alternating ice and heat, doing stretches and trying to do absolutely nothing that might make my back worse it finally feels close to normal and I was dying to get out and today was perfect.

Lily loved it because we wandered in areas that she usually doesn’t have access to. Her little nose was working over time sniffing new smells and following critter trails. I discovered she likes the smell of Daffodils, who doesn’t? We watched a happy Hawk soar, listened to all the birds sing including some very raucous Canadian Geese. We followed some deer tracks and checked out some miniscule but vibrant flora taking a chance that winter might be on it’s way out.

It was a wonderful little walk. Now to clean up the house, catio (cat patio) and Lily’s yard because I am tired of her coming back into the house covered in leaves. The Oak trees are great but I have acorns and oak leaves in bushels.

The Shawl I was working on met an untimely demise. I was taking the last pics before binding off and blocking and my wonderful helper-cat, Ed, was more enthusiastic than normal and fell off the table along with shawl while I was putting my camera away. He freaked out got tangled in it and pulled it off the circular knitting needles…I tried to get it back on but sadly it was too much work and so I frogged it out. I will try again…hopefully without Ed’s help. I also think that it goes without mentioning that Ed is the cat I tripped over…he is sweet but just isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.

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