Spring Inspiration

March has been a bust, creatively speaking, I had good intentions but somehow the month has almost passed me by and I have nothing to show for it. I didn’t set a creative theme for March and I thought that I would finish projects that were left unfinished from last month and that was a hit and miss. I did (almost) finish my asymmetric shawl, I was taking the last photo before I did a bind off and blocked it and helper cat Ed came out of no where and somehow got tangled in it and I just couldn’t salvage it after that.

Here is the thing. It was my first asymmetric shawl and I had made several mistakes along the way. So, am I heartbroken that I had to frog it out after Ed tried to help me? Not really. Honestly I would have frogged it out anyway. I will try it again…someday…but just not right now. The sun is shining, The grass is coming out of dormancy, little signs of Spring are blooming here and there and I am inspired by the colors, the sunshine and the warmer (daytime) temperatures. The green variegated colorway of the yarn I had used for the shawl seemed so wonderful a few weeks ago but now that Spring has sprung it seems lackluster in comparison.

Lily and I have been taking little springtime strolls with my camera in tow. She naps after our walks and I work in the yard and the house…time to Spring Clean! Get into all those nooks and crannies that the gray days of winter hid. I will get back into my creative swing again. It’s hard not to with all the pops of color and birdsong. How are all of you doing creatively? Did you make anything? What creative things do you look forward to doing in the Spring?

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