Storm Season…

It is Spring and in Oklahoma springtime heralds the beginning of severe weather season. This means that I might not be around as much. It is difficult to Blog with storms causing power outages and interference with wi-fi connection (in my case satellite because I live in the boondocks).

I had a very creative week last week (I will share that in another post) but we also had storms roll through and they were severe enough to wake me up to the fact that I needed to get up off my butt and check the storm shelter we had put in roughly around this time last year. Lily Chow and I spent a day clearing out the spiders, checking the emergency lights, batteries and making a list of supplies that are needed. We then took some of the pavers that were stacked in the back yard (from the previous owner) and put them in front of the entrance to the shelter. I ruined several pairs of shoes last year. Oklahoma red earth stains terribly.

All I need to do now is put together a go bag to take into the shelter with us, get the cats used to the carriers (and hope for the best) and of course, stay weather aware. This isn’t hard because Oklahoma has phenomenal meteorologists, storm tech and chasers. As a transplant, my first storm season here was eye-opening. Storm coverage in Oklahoma is an event and admittedly because of that I feel a bit safer.

I am originally from Indiana and yes they do get Tornados there but coverage isn’t complex and you have a better chance of figuring out what is going on by standing in your back yard and looking at the sky than you do watching the local weatherman. I feared Tornado season. There was no rhyme or reason as to why they happened, they just did. That changed when I moved to Oklahoma.

Tornados still make me anxious but thanks to meteorologist like Gary England, I understand how severe weather can turn tornadic. Gary (who retired years ago, miss you Gary), not only kept us safe by telling us how the storm was progressing, where it was headed and when to take shelter but he educated us on how these storms form, their life cycle, eventual demise and inevitable aftermath. Gary may have retired but we still have phenomenal meteorologists, weather tech and chasers all working together to keep us safe this season. Thanks for all that you do to keep us informed and safe.

We have a round of storms rolling in for tomorrow and Saturday (the northern part of the state already has had a stormy day). I need to get my butt in gear and put together a go bag for the shelter and gather up important papers that I might need in case a storm wipes out the 2.5 acre wood. It is something that often gets overlooked but it is handy to have your insurance information, vet records if you have pets (this includes microchip info), and other important documents as well as some cash, just in case.

Wherever you may be in this big ol’ world, Stay Safe.

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