Creative Storms

Weather has been a roller coaster ride and after a lineup of storms that rolled through (luckily none that were extreme) we are now graced with sun and temps in the 80’s. I am not certain I am ready for summer quite yet and luckily we have another cold front moving into our area on Thursday. I am enjoying the birds and everything blooming.

I have not been active on my blog lately but I have been on a creative roll. I have now made 4 of my Bandana shawlettes with a 5th started, I finished my tumbling hearts project from the February Creative Challenge and I started another watercolor painting that promptly came to a halt with the storms.

Bandana Shawlettes: Taken with the camera on my phone.
Folded: phone camera again.

Colorways from Bottom to top: Sumer Berries (red multi), Sun Salutations (blue multi), Thunderbird (yellow multi), and Unicorn (pink).

I am a novice to watercolor and when I was learning it was bone dry in Oklahoma due to an exceptionally severe drought cycle. Watercolor is a sensitive medium and it reacts differently in the humidity (not to mention I am a sensitive novice and therefore prone to being overly cautious when approaching new conditions). So, between my own quirks and the rare Midoki El Nino weather pattern we have going I am not certain how much watercolor painting I will accomplish…I might have to bring out the oils (my first love).

I apologize for the lack of watercolor pics but as sunny as it is outside it isn’t helping the photo process inside and there is just enough of a breeze to blow stuff around when I tried to take pictures outside. I had a whole lot of Blurry or Blah. I will work on it and get back to you.

featured image: spring in the 2.5 acre wood, taken by Pamela with Nikon DSLR 5200