Lightning and Flooding and Tornadoes…Oh My!

Spring in Oklahoma has been eventful and I have to admit that I am over it, which makes me feel a bit guilty for saying because technically my neck of the State really hasn’t seen that much action; for once. The action we have seen has been relatively miniscule compared to the south-west portion of the State and definitely can’t compare to the northern part of the State. My home is intact, the pets and I are safe and my yard, although a swampy jungle is walkable rather than boat worthy.

I have noticed an increase in my anxiety levels this season and I am not sure if it is my age, all the weather coverage, exhaustion or a bit of all of the above. I have technically only had to use the storm shelter twice this season although the last use was a heart pounder; no one likes to be blasted out of bed at 4 a.m. by storm sirens. I spent my shelter time worried about the cats (I didn’t have time to crate them), the scorpions that were seeking shelter with us and the possibility of Lily stepping on or getting stung by one. Not to mention Lily and I both had to pee. It wasn’t until we walked back into the house that I realized I had forgot to grab the go-bag, which has all the insurance info, my identification, the microchip info on the pets and my laptop. Thank God we just had shear winds, rain and hail. The Tornado landed a couple of roads over.

Lightning had knocked out power earlier at 12:30 a.m. and didn’t come back on until 6 a.m. which means all the food prep I had done the day before (which that day had been beautiful), spoiled, so I am living on bagels and bologna. That’s healthy; Right? I am refusing to cook, because power outages have been rampant and I am tired of throwing food away. If you are worried about the bologna, don’t be. I keep it in the freezer in pre-made sandwiches to be pulled out as needed and thawed. I am doing the same thing with hotdogs for Lily (special treat).

The cats are getting special treats as well. I have been calling them Twister Treats and honestly it is nothing more than kitten kibble heavily laced with catnip but it does the trick. If we have a severe weather day I get the treat container, shake it, and call out, “twister treats” and they come running. They spaz for about an hour and then pass out. It makes it so much easier to get them in the crates. Lily is easier. She sees the weather map on the television, and goes to her “severe weather spot” next to the door where I have her leash, my rain gear and the cat crates.

Since the cats aren’t kittens any longer, by the time I have taken the second fat-cat-filled crate to the shelter I feel like my knees are going to give out which has prompted some delusional fantasies of concocting an underground tunnel system from the house to the storm shelter. It may or may not be theoretically sound but I am afraid that when it comes to cats even the simplest of things, quite often, become complicated.

I haven’t made much progress creatively either. Painting has not happened at all, knitting has…but hasn’t amounted to much. I have been doing this frenzied knitting while watching storm trackers on local television coverage. I knit and knit and knit until I have reached the end of the yarn, leaving me with nothing to Bind Off my project with and having to frog it out and start again. The projects that were finished happened during power outages, thanks to a super cute LED head lamp.

It looks as though May is going to go out with a Bang. We have a very stormy forecast predicted. June is our wettest month but weather isn’t as severe as April and May so hopefully, I will be able to get back to blogging on a regular basis. We really do not need any more rain. Stay Safe Squirrel-Friends!