A Break in the Weather

I was on messenger with my brother yesterday morning and among the topics up for dsicussion was the weather. We have had lots of rain which has resulted in flooding and he joked about building an Ark. The truth is, it has seriously been contemplated on my end as well but then we have these wonderful dry and sunny days and everything is right with the world again…sort of!

The truth of the the matter is that we as a species lack balance. We are annihilating our eco systems, ruining our Planet and blaming everyone and everything except ourselves. We are hastening our own demise because we want it ALL and we want it NOW! I have this knee jerk response which has had me morphing into an asshole throughout my life; I see the hypocrisy in a situation and it becomes my life’s mission to make other people see it too and correct things or else! The “or else” has never won me friends or helped me influence people and luckily with age and wisdom I have found an inner calm that keeps me focused and level headed and less of a tyrannical ass (although I prefer the moniker: Goddess of Destruction).

Here is what I have learned over the years:

  • Things Change! They change whether we like it or not. You have choices regarding these changes: You can bitch and moan about them, do something about them, accept them or simply maintain your integrity; do what you can do and leave what you can’t to tackle for another day, time or somebody else (who has the time, talent or inclination).
  • We Are All Unique! So, stop trying to adjust to a One Size Fits All World. Embrace what sets you apart from the crowd because that is your Superpower. Learn to trust it, learn to use it, wisely!
  • Face Fear! Fear is limiting and the truth is we all have at one time or another been afraid. Do not let it rob you of an extraordinary life.
  • Be Kind! There is a difference between Nice and Kind. Nice is polite but seldom emotionally invested in the well-being of others (and makes you an enabler). Kind is seldom polite but always emotionally invested in another’s well-being (tough love).
  • Never Stop Learning! Push past your comfort zone. Read everything whether you believe in it or not, better yet; Question everything you believe in. Try to see things from multiple perspectives. I am certain that you have heard the adage, “There are two sides to every story and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.” The difference between Truth and Fact is much like that of Nice and Kind.
  • Do Something…even if it feels insignificant. Doing something, even if it is small is better than doing nothing at all.

As I have been writing the sun has given way to clouds and storms are raging in the northern half of the State. It is just a matter of time before they make their way down to the 2.5 acre wood, my home and haven. I understand that this odd weather pattern we have had the past couple of years has happened before and will so again. I also realize that we need to be Stewards of the Earth, for without Her none of us can exist. Most of us run around acting as if we are the greatest thing ever created when in actuality we are just one very tiny speck in the cosmos. One tiny part in the greater whole. A virus that consumes all that is in it’s path. We are a force to be reckoned with…

We have choices. We can be Stewards and live in sustainable harmony with each other and all life on the Planet or we can continue to ravage and consume until there is not much left.

Photo From Pexel

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