Summer, Cute Kittens and Boring Busy-Work

It has been blissfully sunny and after the wet and extremely active Spring storm season we had it has been a bit refreshing to see day after day of sun and blue sky. My only complaint is the humidity. I feel as though Mumbai, India followed me home; Monsoon rains followed by oppressive humidity. That humidity has put a damper on the watercolor painting and spastic cats with cabin fever has curtailed oil painting and left me wishing that I was in a house that had doors (there are only 3 doors, two that let you into/out of the house and one to the bathroom which we put in because the previous owner’s curtain was not working for me). I have been knitting, my favorite side hustle, it keeps me in paint, brushes, canvas and paper.

So, what have I been doing with my time since I am not painting, not blogging and have seemingly disappeared from my social media platforms?

Well…I spent at least two weeks after storm season ended getting caught up on sleep because the season ended with a bang that left all of Oklahoma’s peeps resembling the walking dead and a bit snarky in attitude. I deep cleaned the house, got the pets into the vet for their yearly vaccines, took the car in to be serviced and prepped for the summer. I also took some time to photograph a batch of feral kittens, set up and made nectar for the hummingbird feeders and watched the wildlife come and go. I feel rested and I am ready to get things back on track.

I did play with the Blog, tried some different themes, drafted some new pages that will be implemented as needed. I also did a bunch of tedious and boring business stuff that just can’t be ignored but isn’t worth blogging about. It may seem that I have disappeared but I have been building foundations, creating product, meeting personal and professional goals and hopefully come this Autumn it will all make sense and hopefully pay off.

Until then I leave you with some adorable kitten photos:

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