Watercolor Woes…

S. and I, successfully moved, 4 crazy cats and 1 very neurotic Chow-Chow to British Colombia, Canada. Yes, as I previously stated in an earlier post I will once again be nomadic but in a good way (I am hoping). One week in and I got the flu, but luckily bounced back quickly, only to realize that I was feeling great but my big Lovebug buddy, Dante, wasn’t.

Long story short after visiting the emergency vet and spending an entire week with his new vet he is feeling somewhat better and is home. Poor Dante had crystals in his urine and he couldn’t pee. He has to change his diet and take medication and to make things worse he now has a cold. Not a happy camper.

The other fur kids are doing great and enjoying their new home and seem to be back in their previous routine so I decided I would dabble a bit with watercolor. It was better as an idea, execution left much to be desired. British Colombia is breathtakingly beautiful but it is also quite wet; I am sure you can see where this is going. I lack the skill set to handle watercolors in anything other than a bone dry climate but I refuse to throw in the towel and I had that creative itch that needed to be scratched. So, you guessed it…onward soldiers.

Armed with my paint palette, 2 sheets of watercolor paper, water pots, brushes and a tiny tube of Payne’s Gray…and some salt. I set to work and it was going pretty well until I sprinkled my salt on the painted paper and realized that it was probably to humid to bloom the way I like it; if at all. No problem, I thought to myself after all…this was covered during a rainy week during a watercolor class I took.

The solution in our class had been a blow dryer, simple (in theory) because I own one and I promptly ran and got it. I plugged it in, turned it to the lowest setting and slowly, holding it above my head moved it over my painting board. Salt went flying, actually paint did as well. In this class we never actually used the dryer, it was a rented space, the instructor didn’t bring one with her but adamantly insisted that a blow dryer would do the trick. She does it all the time. I have even seen it done on You Tube tutorials although not with salt.

In the class we had made a bunch of salt bloom backgrounds on day one so we simply made some more (to dry at their leisure) and painted on the backgrounds we had previously done. I am not one to be easily defeated so I tried a few more angles with the dryer and came to the conclusion that using the blow dryer isn’t a brilliant idea. BTW…if anyone has successfully done this please feel free to let me know where I went wrong.

In the meantime, I have salt blooming watercolor backgrounds drying at their leisure with the help of a space heater. Fingers crossed!

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