Watercolor Woes…an Update

The other day I posted about my watercolor woes. I was trying to make salt bloom backgrounds during a very rainy week and was failing miserably. I did manage to do two backgrounds sans salt blooms but being a thrifty type I refused to throw perfectly good paper out. Today, I faced my fears and took a look at those backgrounds and although they lacked those much coveted (by me) salt blooms they actually weren’t that bad. I could see possibilities…

I set up my work space, found a favorite music mix on YouTube and set to painting. I am going slow…timid watercolor painter that am but I am enjoying the journey.

I have a tendency to be my worst enemy. I am a perfectionist and I sometimes get into my head and get stuck there. I am trying to change that. This year I decided instead of aborting any creative ventures when they didn’t go exactly as planned, I would stick it out and find a way to make it work.

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