Not so Woeful Watercolors…

My watercolor paintings that wouldn’t produce salt blooms actually are turning out better than I anticipated and I have to admit that I am rather thrilled by that. Watercolor has always fascinated me. It has also made me want to pull my hair out and scream epithets at the art gods…but I digress…!

I have always been enthralled with the moody, ethereal transparency of watercolor. I also realize that I should end the agony and just sign up for a watercolor course. There are two reasons why I haven’t: 1). I have taken various art classes since I was three years old. 2). There is this unreasonable fear that if class is taken watercolor will lose its mystery.

Ridiculous, I know, but it is the one class I have never taken and it has become a bit of a self imposed life lesson. Here is why…. I spent my childhood mastering graphite, charcoal and ink. Very black and white and occasionally I got to dabble in sepia tones. It was also very detail oriented. I craved color, like most kids would. I spent my studio time working my projects and secretly stealing glances at the adult students that were painting…oil, watercolor, gouache and acrylic. I couldn’t wait to be an adult and paint and that is exactly what I did. I took painting classes. I loved it.

I loved the color, of course, but I also loved the freedom from the rigidity of line and detail. I hadn’t realized that until I took an oil painting class and we were learning abstract forms. Non-Objective was something I maddeningly struggled with and found fascinatingly freeing simultaneously.

Watercolor has become my new Non-Objective. I suck at it but love it. I love the moody, ethereal transparency of watercolor. It is a very emotive medium and for a Bipolar, INTJ that is better than therapy, head meds and the internet.

Now, on to my projects. They still aren’t done but I have made progress and as previously stated better than I expected.

I also started a Sharpie Marker Pointillism Project which is almost finished…if you want to see how it started check out my Instagram; dunningpamela6das

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