Christmas Crafts and Martha Jane

This is my Grandma, Martha Jane, or as I like to say…”The Original Martha.” Long before Martha Stewart built her “make it, bake, it” empire my grandmother was a one woman creative force. She literally could do it all and she did it exceptionally well. I learned a myriad of things from her and somehow never quite did them as well as she did and I am okay with that.

Here is why I am okay with that. My grandma has reached legendary status in my mind and by doing so she has become not just one of my creative idols but also a perpetual source of inspiration. In short she has become a bit of a muse. No, you won’t find her likeness in my artwork but she does heavily influence my projects. My knitwear for example is classic; timeless with a twist towards the practical much like her own style aesthetic.

So, in true Martha Jane fashion, with the holidays quickly approaching I have opted to be crafty and make my Christmas décor. I made a snowflake wreath (that lights up) and I have two craft tables full of stuff to make a whimsical winter wonderland full of flocked trees, tea lights, and cute little gnomes. I wish grandma was crafting along beside me like we did in the good ol’ days but I am pretty sure she is close by. I could have sworn I heard her giving me directions on gnome construction…

For the Snowflake Wreath check out my Knit! Paint! Create FB page or follow dunningpamela6das on Instagram to see what goes on in my studio.

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