Sick Pets, Sleepless Nights and Head-Cold Funk, Oh My!

I have been on a creative roll the past few weeks and it has come to a grinding halt. The 9 1/2 year old Chow Chow, Lily, has had some gastro unrest since she returned from a trial pet-sitter run and since she had shown signs of improving we skipped the vet visit (we did call to inform them). We finally took her in on Saturday because it seemed to take a turn for the worse, she was dewormed, had a blood draw and was put on antibiotics which seem to be helping and she is occasionally sleeping through the night; Thank God! Currently waiting on test results.

However, the cats are now taking their turn at keeping us up. They have all had a go at a hairball pukefest. Nicolas Von Cheddar (of the Oklahoma Von Cheddars) has had a nightly fight with a baby racoon that is trying to steal the nut and berry bird mix from a feeder outside the bedroom window. We have not enjoyed the nerve curdling screeches from both parties nor their paws punching the window pane that separates them.

I have a studio I haven’t stepped into for a week now because, A). I haven’t had time B). My projects are mocking my inability to time manage and C). I have been fighting off a head cold that mixed with fatigue has resulted in an existential art crisis…in short, I am overly sensitive, doubting my abilities to do anything creatively worthwhile (it didn’t help that I glue-gunned my fingers together while trying to make wreaths a few days ago) and I know I should just go to bed and get better but inevitably one or more of the pets does something and I am back up.

I will either get some sleep soon or morph into Rexella (story for another time). Stay Crafty Squirrel Friends!

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