Monday Mosaic: Christmas Past

I am feeling better than last week and so are all the pets. Lily’s test results came back and everything is fine she just picked up a gut-bug at the pet sitter. Our vet suspects Lily may have eaten spoiled food which means the pet sitter may not have been watching her as well as she claimed. The cats have purged all their hairballs and nights have been peaceful since a truce has been issued between Nicolas and the baby raccoon.

I am also back in the Studio; painting, knitting and making assorted Christmas crafts in preparation for an upcoming Winter Market. Nervous and excited and wishing I had more time and perhaps less ideas…

anyway…Since we are 2 days into December I decided today’s mosaic would be a Blast from Christmas Past with Nicolas Von Cheddar…and some wintery scenes from the 2.5 acre wood.

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