A New Year

Happy New Year! I am a bit late getting back into the swing of things. I have no idea what happens to me over the high holidays but every January I find myself slightly loathe to return to the normalcy of pre-holiday life. It isn’t laziness or that I am unmotivated, and if honest, I am always truly ecstatic that the holidays over…to much of a good thing. You know what I am talking about, to much food, spirited libations, spending, gifting, and in my case….to many people (always an introverts worst nightmare).

Here we are on day 8 of the New Year and although the holiday fog has cleared I am facing the challenge of choosing a direction. I do not make resolutions. I gave up on them a long time ago. I do, however, set goals and in order to set new ones I have to take inventory of those I set in motion last year at this time. Last year I made some radical changes. I changed the direction of this blog and re-named it. I started turning a long loved hobby into a business (still a work in progress but I am getting there). I also decided it was time I started helping “me” succeed at life rather than helping everyone else, which has proven to be a difficult habit to break… and…it has been a continuous work in progress.

I am also continuing on with the “Minimalist Project” and I am on year three of that venture. I’m also starting to suspect it might be the reason I am getting a late start. Some of last year’s changes mean I have accrued items and January is the month I purge things that aren’t needed (which is always a battle when you live with someone that isn’t a minimalist). I am looking around and I see clutter and that causes me to feel overwhelmed and I turn into my mother and start getting rid of anything that isn’t nailed down…usually to my detriment because it is usually my stuff that goes. UGH!

Which raises the question…Why do I get rid of my stuff? It goes hand in hand with; “why do I always put everyone else’s needs before my own?”

It is a question of worth. I know this! I can logically figure this out but it is that knee-jerk habitual lifetime response that gets me. I zone out, turn into a zombie and poof…it is done…and I am standing there going WTF!