Creating the Life You Want: The Quarantine Chronicles

I had no idea when I last published a blog post that we were globally on the verge of a pandemic…talk about synchronicity….using a catalyst to create the life you want.


I would like to say that I hope all of you are doing well, physically as well as emotionally. I know this has thrown everyone a curve ball, and like most of you I spent a week in WTF! mode; watching the 24 hour news cycle like my life depended on it. I had to get off that merry-go-round because it just isn’t conducive to good mental health. It isn’t that I am choosing to ignore what is going on I am just choosing to not immerse myself in it to the point of existing in a fear state.

So…we are in lockdown, isolated (I prefer sheltered) from the world (covid-19) and oddly after tuning out the media, taking a deep breath and assessing my personal situation, I found that as an introvert not much had drastically changed in my world.

What has changed…? It is quiet outside which I have to admit was a bit eerie at first, I had a few panicked moments where I thought the Rapture had taken place and my parents were correct. God left me behind! Yes, my Fundamental Christian upbringing is showing. I have to admit that I love that it is a quieter World.

Other changes that have occurred…well, my significant other is home, which has been wonderful, we don’t get alot of time together. I am cooking again instead of eating take out or quick fix meals. I have had more uninterrupted free time to flex my artistic wings. I am talking to my brother on a weekly basis and as odd as it may sound during this time of self-isolating I feel more connected.

When I started the “Create the Life You Want” posts, I was attempting to reign in the loose ends that kept me from doing what I wanted to do. It turns out that those loose ends were things I really didn’t need….distractions. Part and Parcel to a consumerist agenda. Everyone (according to the media) wants to know when we are going to get back to normal and honestly I am not sure I want things to return to normal. I can do without the novel coronavirus wreaking havoc but honestly I like this slower, quieter world.