Transcendence, by Pamela Dunning; Sharpie Marker Pointillism on Canson Mixed Media paper

They sat under the light of the stars for the World had gone dark. He sighed mournfully and barely managed to whisper, “I fear the world is falling apart.”

“No!’ she exclaimed, a bit annoyed that he was missing the bigger picture. She composed herself and calmly continued, ‘ It is not the world that is falling apart but our belief in what it should have been. Our systems were never sustainable. Most of us were just to busy chasing distractions to notice the frayed edges and gaping holes in the fabric of our everyday lives. We are witnessing something extraordinary; the restoration of nature and the re-wiring of our consciousness working in tandem to build something transcendent.”

He looked over at her expecting to meet her gaze but her eyes were closed, her upturned face bathed in the light of a billion stars twinkling in the night sky.

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