World Watercolor Month: July 11-17

We are a little over half way through this month and surprisingly I am still going strong with the Doodle Wash Watercolor Challenge.

Okay! So, let’s get to it. This week was fraught with roller-coaster type turmoil. I hit a slump, was tired, and there were things that needed to get done…errands, groceries,…house to clean…which means that time got away from me and on Day 11 with the prompt being round I pulled an unfinished watercolor from my portfolio and finished it. Saved some necessary time but also made me feel guilty. Is that cheating on the challenge? or Cheating myself? Both? Without that prompt the unfinished watercolor probably wouldn’t be done….

The rest of the week was new work. some of it I am proud of and some of it …well…it will make its way to the do-over pile. My biggest struggles this week were days 15, 16, and 17. From concept to finishing…ugh.

Day 15, prompt: forgotten…this could have gone dark and moody but I eventually played it safe and it haunts me.

Day 16, prompt: machine. This one drove me crazy, I took drafting courses in school when I had exhausted all the art classes my school had to offer and although I enjoyed those courses…doing something that technical and detailed in a medium that I already struggle with was daunting and also uninspiring. This prompt literally kept me up that night. It floors me that this painting ended up being my favorite this week. I honestly thought I wouldn’t have anything to show at the end of the day.

Day 17, prompt: spontaneous. This is my least favorite painting this week. Much like machine, I had no idea what was going to happen when brush hit paper. I struggled with the prompt, concept…everything. I used up this weeks dirty palette paint, tried a new technique which went awry and the work just flopped.

The other days of the week went okay, some better than others. My other favorite work this week was day 13, prompt: twisted. I did an abstract detail of a Bristlecone Pine and I used colors that I usually don’t work with and it surprised me almost as much as “machine” did.

From top left to bottom right: Day 11, prompt: Round; Day 12, prompt: Favorite Place; Day 13, prompt: Twisted; Day 14, prompt, Green; Day 15, prompt: Forgotten; Day 16, prompt: Machine; Day 17, prompt; Spontaneous.

I am looking forward to next weeks prompts. Happy Creating Everyone!

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