Hello and Welcome

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I am Pamela and welcome to @DaVinci’s Doorstep. I am a bit of a Renaissance girl, which basically means that I am a ‘Jill of all Trades’ but my passion is Creating and I discovered somewhere during the last year (2018) that I had strayed off that creative path and I just wasn’t happy. When I am dissatisfied with my life I am prone to making seemingly sudden and radical changes. In truth, those changes have been rolling around in my mind for what I feel is an excruciatingly long time before I actually take action.

So, just a few tidbits that you should probably know about me: I am an introverted hermit that has travelled the world, a bit of a heretic, artistically prone and a secret science geek, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder in December 2005 and my life is seldom dull (but at the ripe old age of 49 I really wish it would slow down…just a tiny bit).

About my Blog Name @DaVinci’s Doorstep, Like the rest of me, it’s paradoxically simple; let’s see if I can do this justice. The Renaissance was all about revival and rebirth and that seems to be a common theme in my life lately, a getting back to basics, rebuilding foundations and reclamation of lost priorities and ideas. I chose DaVinci because we share a Birthday (just 517 years apart…still…we could be twins). I also find him fascinating as a human being (and artist) and admittedly this fascination borders on obsession. I honestly think if we were living at the same time I would be camped out at his doorstep like some deranged stalker fan. Lucky for Leonardo he predates my period of existence.

The above brings me to the purpose behind my blog: It is a tool for keeping me on track and hopefully later be used to support my future goals, basically, a work in progress (but aren’t we all?).

You can also follow me on Instagram @dunningpamela6das or on Facebook at Knit! Paint! Create