Art: Old and New

At this point it is mostly old art projects:

Pointillism (with Sharpie markers): 2005

Blue, Red and Yellow Sharpie Markers. The Therapy Room Views

Pointillism and Prismacolor pencil sketches for Paintings, “Drowning with Ophelia” and “Nymph”. 2006-2007

Quick Travel Sketches:


1st attempt at non-objective…didn’t quite make it. Oil on Canvas 1998

Kali – Abstract Symbolism; Oil on Canvas 2007
Drowning With Ophelia; Oil on Canvas 2007

watercolor, 2010-2014

I started painting with oils while at university, I had always wanted to and so I signed up for a class and loved it. Unfortunately, after university I really didn’t paint much until after my diagnosis of Bipolar 1 disorder. Painting was like therapy, it helped me to deal with all those feelings that I had been ignoring. Several of those paintings sold, some were given away and some I still have and probably will never part with. Oddly enough, I completely spaced the idea of taking pictures of the paintings that sold…and by the time I did think about it…the pics taken weren’t of quality because I was an amatuer with a camera; lesson learned!

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