Watercolor in July

I am now on day 10 of the Doodle Wash Watercolor Challenge and it is going fairly decently. I am still excited that I am participating and I seem to be improving…fingers crossed…. I have noticed that it isn’t taking me the entire day to paint, which is wonderful. As the Challenge continues, my confidence builds, and my skills improve, which is the reason I wanted to participate in the first place.

I am having fun stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things and I am finding You Tube tutorials a god send, for providing detailed accounts on saving time, trying new techniques and little hacks for a slew of mishaps and foibles.

So, this is what I have done since my last blog post:

Day 4 – 10

Some of them I like and some of them not so much. Some have elements I like but just wasn’t happy with the overall composition. Some of them show the beginnings of something interesting that I would like to elaborate on…Free and Flow are two of those that I would like to explore further. Birds, animals and still life fruit have never been something I would have normally chosen outside of an art class. Fall smacked a little too closely to the watercolor version of the figurative graphite work I did when I was younger. Quiet, well, I love how the sky turned out but…um…hopefully, one day, I will be able to paint a moody watercolor landscape and be proud of it.

The challenge has given me a chance to brush up on some very rusty drawing skills that I really haven’t utilized in well over two decades and it was very intimidating to hold a pencil and draw again. By the end of this my eye-hand coordination should be spot on.

Looking forward to days 11- 17 and sharing what I came up with.